Kangaroo KISSES(R)
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Customized Stickers/labels about Kangaroo Care

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  • Manufacturer: Zen by Zak Wellness
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These customized stickers are a great way to provide incentives for the parents and staff alike. However you use them, you're sure to throw the sweetest kangaroo bash ever.
Select up to 4 different messages. write any message of your choice, or logo, etc.
Here are some examples:
Ask me about kangaroo care
I did one hour of kangaroo care (and the mom/dad gets one chocolate per hour and we have a template where she can place the sticker)
I helped a mom kangaroo today 
I helped a dad kangaroo today
I am a kangaroo nurse
I am a kangaroo therapist
I am a kangaroo doctor
I am a kangaroo friend
I (heart) kangaroo care
I am a kangaroo mom!
I am a penguin dad!
I celebrate Kangaroo Care
Happy kangaroo care day
(Your hospital logo - please provide the file)
(Your Kangaroo Clipart - please provide the file)
Your imagination is the limit.

Dress HERSHEY'S KISSES candy with personalized stickers favors and let the Kangaroo Care Celebration begin. Candy not included. Not food safe - use wrapped candy only. Simple assembly required, or click here - we can provide them ready with the KISSES at a nominal fee.


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