Kangaroo Zak (bonus: washing bag)
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Kangaroo Zak (for newborns up to 3 months after due date)

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  • Manufacturer: Nurtured By Design
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Users:  The Kangaroo Zak is an item for the adult and its size is the size of the blouse of the mother.  It is used to support newborns, premature, sick, or healthy, after consulting with the doctor about doing kangaroo care (skin to skin contact), as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  It is not a sling or a baby carrier, so always hold the baby with your hands while standing.

Rule of Thumb: Use up to the baby's weight is 10 lbs

What size to buy? Adjustable sizes - Size 1 adjusts to S/M/L. Size 2 adjusts to XL/2XL/3XL (The blouse/top size of the mother. Fathers: select comparable.)

The award-winner Kangaroo Zak is a wrap specifically designed for kangaroo care in hospitals to provide e safe, comfortable, hands-free while sitting or reclined, and prolonged kangaroo care sessions.  It is a strapless top that goes around the torso of the adult that is wearing nothing underneath in the chest area (no bra, clothing, etc.)

For more information, instructions, etc., please visit the company website If your hospital does not provide it, you may buy it here and use it in the hospital and then at home.

Features: Holds the weight, proper kangaroo position, provides skin to skin contact from the baby's head to toe, boundaries, containment, and instant access to the baby. Made for use in hospitals and at home after the proper training from a qualified Kangaroo Care Professional.  Recommended by Kangaroo Care Professionals globally.

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