Kangaroo Zak + The Zaky
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Nurturing Gift Set (preemie/full term up to 3 months old)

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  • Manufacturer: Nurtured By Design
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Includes: one pair of The Zakys (left+right hands), one Kangaroo Zak, and each includes one washing bag

Arguably the best gift for any baby up to 3 months (preemies, ill, and healthy)

Hold the baby skin to skin with the Kangaroo Zak and use The Zaky when the baby is not being held (at home while supervised or 24/7 in the hospital). Place one of The Zaky behind the neck to stabilize the head of the parent while in kangaroo care.

It gives every baby evidence-based developmentally supportive and family centered care around the clock from birth.

Bring them to the hospital if they don't provide them. Make sure to include them in your birth plan.

What size do you need for the Kangaroo Zak?  The blouse size of the mother. Fathers: select comparable.

Before using the Kangaroo Zak, parents must be trained about kangaroo care by a qualified professional (doula, nurse, lactation consultant, therapist, doctor, etc.)


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Kangaroo Zak

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