The Zaky
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The Zaky (Choose HAND or PAIR)

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  • Manufacturer: Nurtured By Design
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Each The Zaky hand includes: one left or right of The Zaky and one washing bag

Each Pair of The Zaky includes one right and one left hands and 2 washing bags.

Available Colors: Lime, Gray, Rose, Sky Blue, Cream, Lilac

The Zaky lets you stay with the child even when you are away. Accepted and welcomed in every hospital unit.

Recommended for any child (or adult!), regardless of size, medical condition or developmental stage. One of The Zaky pairs simulates the size, shape, touch, and scent of the hands of the parents that holds the child.

It is recommended to use one pair of The Zaky for positioning, support, and comfort newborns, older babies that cannot sleep, children that experience separation anxiety, or any child under medical treatment.  Hospitalized babies and children around the world are using The Zakys around the clock because they are under the constant care of the nurse or family member.

Babies only develop the brain during sleep.  The Zaky® provides proper positioning, sense of security, and support to facilitate relaxation and comfort which these in turn are known to facilitate sleep. 

One pair of The Zaky virtually replace all positioners, bonding, attachment, transitional aids, and therapeutic devices on the bed.

To wash/dry: follow the same protocol as that of the clothes of the child.

To scent: place The Zaky on the chest or behind the neck for at least one hour.  Each parent may scent one of The Zaky.

To warm it: place it in the dryer or towel warmer for a couple of minutes.

To control the weight and firmness: shift the filling.  Babies of 5 lbs can take the whole weight of The Zaky (500 grams)

If the baby is less than 6 months old not at the hospital: Nurtured by Design supports without reservations the American Academy of Pediatrics Back to Sleep Program (not leaving anything on the bed while the baby is sleeping).  The Zakys provide an ergonomic environment that promotes falling asleep while supervised, however, for those babies less than 6 months old, the Zakys must be removed after the baby is sleeping, unless otherwise indicated by the pediatrician. 

Use only under adult supervision, and do not use by the face. The Zaky is NOT a toy.

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